The only Drink you'll need for Energy, Muscle Fatigue, Joint pain, Back pain, Knee pain, Headaches and Nerve Damage.

About EiStrong Herbal


You’ve found us, now try it! The only drink that you need for Energy, Muscle Fatigue, Joint pain, Back pain, Knee pain and even headaches and nerve damage. All of the ingredients are natural herbs and spices that have a main purpose, to STOP PAIN, GIVE YOU ENERGY and HEAL, yes HEAL the hurt!!

Purposely formatted by Sheila Hall, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist, whose motto is,

“I want to turn your oohs into aahs, so that when you drink it, you’ll have the energy and pain free body to Grind Another Day! Keep it moving for better health!”

I lost my father due to a boating accident when I was four years old. It was very difficult for my brother, myself and my mom who suffered severe depression. I had to be the strong one of the family. That word, (STRONG), is the word people thought of when they looked at  me. I never believed that I was strong, but believed that everyone else could be. I spent my life seeking out the lest of these; by making a place to stay for the homeless, feeding the hungry and giving to the poor. I lived my life taking in others pain, so they could be better.

When I became a fitness instructor, my body didn’t represent who I am, probably because after years of being what others needed, I never took the time to discover what I needed. One day, God put me in alignment with a man named Dewey Admiral Fanning, my personal trainer. As I trained, he constantly told me how strong I was. Those words infused inside of my body, broke the pain that I was holding inside and started healing what was broken. As my body changed, I started becoming aware of who I am. I started accepting that I am Strong while holding on to my belief that so are you.

We are strong, He is strong, She is strong and can be healed to Grind Another Day!”

As a nutritional therapist and clinical herbalist, I wanted to create a product that would help ease the pain and suffering that we experience when the body is transitioning. Because of the great pain that I felt when I workout, it would have been easy to not want to keep doing it, to give up, and cover the wounds.

Eistrong Herbal Recovery Tea is formulated to help you heal. The awareness of your awesome accomplishments of your workout will be there, but the “I rather not” crippling pain, will ease away.

Eistrong – The “E” is for Everyone!!