The only Drink you'll need for Energy, Muscle Fatigue, Joint pain, Back pain, Knee pain, Headaches and Nerve Damage.

Grind Coach

I Get You! You are too busy!! You have a lot going on with taking care of your family, kids, businesses, work and oh yes, chores! I get it! Life. 
My view is, "Life is the dancer and You are the dance."
I can show you how to take care of you, within the rhythm of your life. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I can help you get to the root cause of disease and imbalances.
Learn how to:
1. Lose the weight, or gain the weight!
2. Relieve the stress.
3. Get healthier with your nutrition
4. Get pain-free naturally.
I have developed, customized health and wellness strategies that are designed to flow within your style. It's called Take Your Body Back!
It's where Style and Wellness Meets!
By incorporating my strategies called the "Drip Effect", you can easily create a healthy lifestyle without changing the rhythm of your life. We all want change NOW, but are you in the position to disrupt your "Dance" in order to achieve it? No Time for That? Then you need me! I will customize your personal wellness plan to help you achieve your health goals, as easy as adding "Drips" of the 3 Powers:
A. Nutrition
   ~ By using the JAM-FAM Diet (Juice and food as medicine), you'll learn how to incorporate power foods like herbs and spices into your meals that will help you lose weight, supplement your meds so you can eventually become Opioid Free, and put you on to the path of a healthier and stronger Rhythm.
B. Movement
    ~ Learn how to incorporate a beneficial exercise routine that fits inside of your style.
C. Mediation
    ~Train your Brain to Release. Learn how to find the space of less stress and pain by following customized intention release stress exercises.