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Wear You Boo

Movement is Manifesting in my life at this moment. I’ve created a unique product that comes in a form of an herbal tea that helps people with pain and inflammation. I’ve created my own language with Eistrong Herbal Tea Tonic that represents the mindset of living a strong, pain free life, and anyone can do it. I’ve created a platform that will bring to the world how to use food as medicine, and I am starting to build a team who is as passionate about my brand as I am. When I met with my new Brand Ambassador, the energy and excitement that he had, just by holding my product in his hands was such a breath of fresh air of possibilities. He brought vision and inspiration and he  had already started working on ideas and plans.

My new marketing director is the piece that I don’t have. The whit and the ability to connect with people on an encouraging comfortable level will be a game changer for my brand. She also represents my vision of strength and energy that is an area in my mindset which I have to constantly stay focused on. And her love of fitness and taking care of her mind, body and spirit compliments my vision.

And then, my weekend ended with me seeing my niece in a fashion show that I could have easily thought that I was attending a high end, can’t afford, another country with high paying models, fashion show. It was so beautiful and unique. I watched with desiring that I was her age so I could wear that look. As I leaned over to my BFF, I asked her if I was too old to wear clothes like that. Her response took me back a bit. She replied, its in the stores. Of course that wasn’t the response that I was looking for, but it was a response that made me tell myself, “Do You Boo!”

I’ve finally found my own lane with my brand, now I need to walk the runway. I need to start loving the outside of myself. I need to start looking blessed, wild and free on the outside, to compliment how like I feel on the inside. So my plan is to finally go shopping. I can dress how I want and feel good in it. I don’t have to be concern with what others see, because I’m in my lane, I’m in my clothes, I’m strutting down my runway, and I’m feeling amazing and looking fab!!

The moral of this blog is this. When you let go of the pain, hurt, comparison and nay Sayers, you become aware of your walk and talk. You become aware of your “less and more” and you become aware that you are strong in your own unique strut and beautiful in your glide. Letting go is a movement towards your true strength of painless transformation. It’s not egotistic, it’s wellness and health. It’s living the lane life that God designed you for, to do you and walk that cat walk.

You are strong enough, because Everyone, is strong, when they let go of it.

Blessings in strength,